We hope that all of you will participate in the Festival activities this year, and encourage everyone you know to join us in one of the greatest annual events, presented by our mother, the Coptic Orthodox Church.


All activities are presented by age groups. (e.g.  n&r, yr1&2, yr3&4, …) with exception to spiritual book & Coptic language activities as they presented by school year (e.g. one name per school year yr 1, yr2, yr3, …)


God is asking each one of us to grow in Christ by:

  1. Rejoicing in Christ
  2. Growing strong roots inside the Church
  3. Building our faith through reading the Bible
  4. Caring for everyone
  5. Maintaining a peaceful heart


Coptic Language

Coptic language is inseparable from our identity as Coptic Christians.

When we pray in Coptic our hearts and spirits are in harmony with the desert fathers, martyrs, patriarchs and all the Egyptian people for almost two thousand years.



The hymns represent a valuable inheritance, which dates back to the apostolic age unchanged. Thus are regarded as part of the Church.


Master Chef

Cooks are challenged to prepare foods in accordance with a list of common cooking techniques or styles, or to replicate a particular cooking method of a dish.



Music is considered to be an essential component of the creation in the human soul, to balance the human soul and the human feelings.


Praises & Choir

Praising God is not just a group activity. The teachings and traditions of our Church fathers clearly show how praise is considered prayer and how God’s presence could be felt during praise that flows from the heart.



Puzzles offer an engaging way to help your child strengthen their fine motor skills as they manipulate and maneuver the pieces to fit together. Puzzles can also help children learn shapes, patterns and develop a strong sense of spatial awareness.



The sports activities emphasises sportsmanship and team building skills. It can be an enjoyable way to get to know and spend time with different Church participants.